Projects 2021

A journey through time, deconstructing and reimagining the endangered landscape of a river delta.

A dynamic and intimate portrayal of a community of activists who set up ‘Lesbian Lines’, a network of underground telephone helplines. SEARCHING FOR SPACE features blistering honest accounts from an army of volunteers as they recall and revisit over forty years of Irish queer history.

For many years Lina who grew up in the Institutional care system of Ukraine fought for her freedom and independence. Now she fights for a better life for her peers while also seeking answers about her traumatic past.

A quest to reverse and transform the social and economic structures to save mankind from self-destruction.

A poetic close up on the struggles of human rights activists Maryam Al-Khawaja and Nnimmo Bassey, and what keeps them going against all odds.

Why do children of Georgian politicians choose to enter the political arena themselves? In recent years, children of current and former Georgian politicians have themselves become active in the politics of the country. Will they build on their parents’ legacy or follow other objectives and methods?

“Grand-Pêcheur” is a film about the faith of Grand-Popo in Benin, a city on the brink of being washed away under the ocean. It is an intimate portrait of the inhabitants of the vanishing city, of their sense of loss and belonging. What are we to lose in the upcoming catastrophe?

It is a story about an ordinary and at the same time a unique Ukrainian woman whose whole life was overtaken by war. A small person in the context of war, who in spite of never-ending grief trying to find the truth and seeks justice. Will Nina ever find peace with herself and the world around her?

Domingo is an outgoing and free-spirited farmer who has a secret: a hidden tree from which he is developing a new variety of oranges. Will he be able to patent it before those that control the market? In this battle against Goliath, Domingo has plenty of ingenuity and good humor to succeed.

Four humans coming from very different backgrounds must face a crucial question: what is the meaning of home? With complex phenomena such as migration, isolation, poverty and personal identity in the background, they do their best to pursue their dreams, hanging their fate by a thin thread.

Maxi Nidermaier (79) has built a noticeable artistic career which spans over 60 years. The ban of animals in the circus terminates her work. Currently, she is sheltered in a Dutch zoopark, in the parking area with her favourite bear, Natasha (42). Maxi can only stay there until the bear is alive.

In a desolate farm a group of troubled men fight their addictions with a help of animals, nature and religion.

Three religious sisters working across the Mediterranean find themselves on the front-line of the battle against human trafficking, forming an unlikely sorority whose strength endures across differences.

A daughter in Pakistan wants to meet her dying mother in India after 45 years of separation. The distance between them is 20 miles, the journey will take 2000 miles crossing the disputed border.

A former football player from the remote Azerbaijani village of Sheki returns home to form an all-girls football team, but in traditional Sheki not everyone agrees that girls should play football.

A young couple fall pregnant after a whirlwind romance in the northeast of Brazil. As they journey into parenthood, they are pulled apart by the same political divisions that polarise Brazilian society. Filmed over 5 years and counting from embedded within the family.

A café in the heart of the Marais in Paris, run by young people with severe Autism Spectrum Disorders, this is the atypical project "Our café" whose development we follow from the first workshops and works until the first year of opening.

How do we make the invisible visible? In this hybrid documentary, five women share their experiences with hormonal contraception and re-enact key moments in their own stories.