The possibility of a landscape

bosisio the possibility of a landscape

Logline: A journey through time, deconstructing and reimagining the endangered landscape of a river delta. 


Synopsis: Huge flocks of migratory birds arrive from the North to the river Po delta. Hunters wait for them in makeshift reed hideouts. A crew of biologists stand on the river bank counting them in an ecstatic silence. Boccadoro storms around anxiously to see which of the Valle masters’ works is going to attract more of them. In the meantime a young mussel picker is half way into the cold water, lifting a net full of clams, wondering about his future and a family of nutrias are escaping from the wild shooting of angry farmers. On the horizon dominates the high tower of a dismissed power plant, that after years of polluting is now planned to be turned into an eco-tourism hotspot: a symbol of the limitless extractive economies of the past and a prophetic foresight of what the delta might be turned into next. The possibility of a landscape navigates a world of human and other-than-human struggles for survival, entangled to inspire a conversation on identity, culture and ecology in the Anthropocene.


Participant: Giorgio Bosisio