Sisters Act

gjinovci sisters act


Logline: Three religious sisters working across the Mediterranean find themselves on the front-line of the battle against human trafficking, forming an unlikely sorority whose strength endures across differences. 


Synopsis: In this film, set in Nigeria, Albania and Italy, we follow Sister Imelda, Sister Raquel and Sister Veronica, unsung heroines of anti-trafficking, in their calling to help trafficking survivors gain back their freedom, from rescue operations to long-term rehabilitation. The story is told from the viewpoints of women who are traditionally oppressed within highly patriarchal institutions and societies: three sisters, one survivor of trafficking, Olabisi, and one victim, Agnesa. We chose an interweaving narrative structure because their lives are interconnected in a way that exceeds traditional humanitarian work. The sisters’ model is founded on equality, and this film will highlight the sorority rather than the differences between the sisters and the women they help. To avoid falling into the ‘white saviour’ narrative trap, we sought religious sisters who either came from the communities they worked in, or had at least settled there for years.


Participant: Dea Gjinovci