Elena in Deleyna


Elena, a mid-aged starting director from Sofia city, has chosen to make a film about the local grocery store & bar in the depopulating village of Deleyna. It is the place where everybody meets - at least who is left over, mostly old women and drunkards. But Krassi, who works at the store, would constantly sabotage her filming. He is feeling exposed in his uncomfortable situation of a lonesome young guy with a low salary and grannies as best friends. Granny Yagoda is one of Krassis soulmates and it happens that Elena stays over in her house. Here Krassi and Elena both find care and acceptance. Slowly they become closer. Meanwhile Elena films other characters around the store, who use humor, dances and rituals to cope with the nearing end. Getting to know Elena as an educated and friendly person, they start to see in her a salvation for the village. Grannies offer her to marry their grandsons, some offer her land, and even to become the mayor. Or at least to give a chance to Krassi.


Participant: Elena Stoycheva