Dear Maxima, I Have A Project

Syrian female journalist and refugee. The head of a licensed women's organization in the Netherlands, who has been working with women's issues for Four years, helping women voluntarily. She is sending a letter to Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, explaining by art, dance performances, and by the footage. The situation of women in the Middle East, and the main issues that require awareness, suggesting support of her project to start a television station broadcasting for women in the Middle East, and North Africa through a feminist point of view, the documentary suggest the vital need of Arabic feminist TV Channel for the first time in the Arab History. A film will provide a full example of what programs, materials, and information the channel will broadcast within one day. A cross-section of cultural programs on Middle Eastern women, a news journal for the most critical issues, a talk show, series, and documentaries by refugee women in the Netherlands, in cooperation with correspondents from across the Middle East and North Africa. The film shows what Women throughout the MENA region, as is true in the rest of the world, face a shift of difficulties: underrepresentation in the political field, isolation from or limitations to the workforce, effects of family status laws, sexual or physical abuse, and at times the burden of maintaining their families by themselves. Forced migration, forced marriage, taking into account the reality of these stressful situations and persistent obstacles, this film has, the theme of “women encouraging positive change” to highlight the several works of women during the region who counter these challenges and make the planet a better place for themselves, their families, and their communities. All this shall be in the presence of the Queen. This vision comes from a corner that sticks to the idea of the importance of women's projects for women. And the role of women leaders towards change.
After the success of the work of the director organization and gaining popularity and a large number of followers 350 thousand followers in the Middle East and North Africa and everyone who speaks Arabic. This film comes to announce the success of a meaningful humanitarian project that needs logistical support on the ground.
The film has a personal character launching to the public. It takes the audience through 4 different studios, each representing a stage of our project. The phase of asylum status in a large studio for asylum seekers. And then a black studio, the plot of the film where all the issues and problems, where the dances during the speech and movements, characters, and signs performed by a group of women in the same studio. Then the stage of the White Studio to announce the establishment of the organization and how it affected the change and began to get solidarity and confidence. The participation of European women to support the project. Also documented film scenes from the team's work and the director life with women at home and on the Internet. Then the stage of a significant colorful atmosphere indicating hope of accepting the project and what will broadcast on the Tv channel in the case of the Queen acceptance. The ends of the film with an enormous dance scene from a band of young artistic refugees who succeeded in 3 years to get the attention of the Western media


Participant: Dareen Hasan - Syria