Carlotta Piccinini

Carlotta Piccinini is a filmmaker and video artist with a particular focus on human and women's rights, living and working in Berlin, Germany. Because of her background study in Sociology, Human Rights and Social Communication, she focused her artistic research to portray social issues targeting the most vulnerable groups in society (women, migrants and refugees, ethnic and underserved minorities). She collaborates with various NGOs as a consultant and creator for social campaigns. She worked on international productions commissioned by Current Tv, History Channel, Arte and La Repubblica. Her latest works include the experimental film Enaction (Celeste Prize for Contemporary Art, 2014), the documentary “Eco de Femmes” (2015), the short fiction “El Hijo de Fatima” (2016) and “Land of the Free (Best short documentary Festival Amnesty International 2021). Her first book will be released in 2023, where she explores the interconnections between cinema and ethnographic social investigation.


Project: FROM SCARS TO STARS - The female search for love