piccinini sereti web 3


Night.African savannah. A young girl in jeans and a leather jacket sits around the fire with many other women, all wearing traditional Maasai clothes. They take turns sharing their stories: early marriages, sexual violence, infibulation. In the end, they thank the girl for gathering them, calling her by name: Sereti.
Sereti is a 25-year-old Kenyan Maasai woman forced to undergo genital mutilation at the age of 12. The film follows Sereti's journey to rebuild herself mentally and physically after the cut, transforming her painful personal situation into energy to improve the life of the women in her community. Sereti's quest to liberate the girls of her village brings out the hidden rules of the Maasai about love and shows how early marriages are intertwined with climate change. A poetic journey inside a broken body by FGM in search of new womanhood and a personal search for love that will take her to Berlin to rebuild her clitoris, where she will question the meaning of self-acceptance.


Participant: Carlotta Piccinini