In the vast landscapes of the Iberian peninsula, different people are hardly adapting to droughts and wildfires. Two families in the South of Portugal are dealing with the trauma of having lost their houses during an extraordinary wildfire. Dror’s family is determined to rebuild from the ground their dream life in the wild. Their neibours, an elder couple of retired artists, feel too vulnerable to build back their house from the ashes. In South-East Spain, Santiaga is reclaiming ancient agricultural techniques to adapt her family almond orchards to an ever drying soil. She is very attached to her land and wants to prove that a more holistic and less industrial approach can regenerate what is loss. Not far from the highlands of Santiaga, Santos is struggling to keep a river flowing in his village. The river may disappear soon, the flow rate is constantly lowering, but Santos does not believe that the river will run out of water.


Participant: Davide Mancini