Inside the fortress

Inside the Fortress

a ten times 25 minute series of documentary films about what life is really like for
Europe's undocumented economic migrants

Length: ten times 25 minutes
Directors: fourteen filmmakers from ten European countries
Consultant: Ritchie Cogan

Producer: Mark Aardenburg
Creatieve Series Producer: Rajesh Thind

The concept:
Who really are the faceless “illegal” immigrants that every European knows from newspaper reports, politician's speeches and the fleeting images of desperation and despair seen on television news bulletins?  Are they the criminal invaders that Europe’s newly resurgent far-right parties bring us dire warnings of? Or are they the innocent victims of poverty and deprivation in the developing world, struggling to survive and forced to migrate? This landmark  series of  ten  x  25  minute observational documentaries takes us beyond the ideological battleground to get closer to the real lives of a range of undocumented migrants to Europe. Made by a group of fourteen filmmakers in ten different European countries, brought together by and developed through the MEDIA funded EsoDoc (European Social Documentary) 2006 workshops, these films will reveal lives and stories that are more complex, contradictory and unpredictable than perhaps any of us can imagine.