Insight - a film about Ole Blind and Kristin Chaos

Ole and Kristin meets at a dark bar, like every normal future couples in Norway does. They stay in his apartment for a couple of weeks, getting to know eachother and falling in love. He is perfect, Kristin thinks. When finally going out from the apartment, Kristin discovers something new. People around them are staring, and her friends dosent see him as perfect, nor a great catch. Little do they know that Ole is a respected mucisian and music producer, they do not ask to see pictures and are not interested in the fact that he is handsome as hell. All they wanna know about, is the fact that he's blind - and whats he plan of living with a handicapped visually impaired person.
Kristin is shocked, she thought being blind was just a condition leading to another way to see the world. As perception always were her favorite subject, this is a great experience for her. In curiosity about the gap between hers and others view on Ole, she starts exploring what it means being blind.
Contemplating over the ingredients in romantic relationships, she slowly cross off her list if he is good enough to share her life with. As she use her time to proclaim that being blind is absolute no problem - and the list is almost finished, five years have gone by. No one protest her decision anymore, and she have the time to reflect on it without being distracted by others opinions.
Suddenly all he does is wrong: He moves too slow. She has to drive him to everywhere, and he cannot come over without her help if she's at a party or so. He knocks things over. And he cannot share her main interests: Visual arts and films. She feels really bad when realizing she has to break up with him due to his handicap. But taking responsibility of her own future, she got to do it.
Meanwhile, there have been some challenges we haven't heard about. Two months after the breakup Ole tell us that he was the one breaking up. All he wished for her was that she should have an easy life like he does. He always promised her to be there, but as her problems got so big over such a long time, he had to be responsible for his future. This led him to break up, he says. He tells us his version of the story, a story of him being the strong person and her depending on him for seven years. From being the object of research he's now giving us his report on a life with Kristin the queen of Chaos. Reflecting over how his and her childhood life affects how different their perception of life is, he gives us a story that changes the way we compare ourself to each other.


Kristin Nordsæther - Norway