She has lost everything: her newborn baby, her husband and her dignity. After a prolonged labour, Kaneba developed an obstetric fistula, leaving her incontinent, with trickling bodily wastes, smelling and shunned by everyone around her. Her family told her to build a hut away from the village, where she lingers for two years, completely isolated, her life seems to be over at the age of 15! But then, after she nearly gave up, she hears the good news in the radio: there’s a special surgery that might help. Meet Kaneba, Sushuan and Mariam, three women with fistulas in different stages, and learn how they escape their isolation, regain hope and travel sometimes thousands of miles to get treatment. Meet charismatic Mme Dolo, a social worker from Mali, who devotes her life fighting for women with fistulas, helping them to get a second chance to live a normal life.

Film info: 52’, HD, French with English / German subtitles

Producer: Dan RiesenALOCO GmbH
Director: Verena Endtner
Camera: Ueli Grossenbacher
Editing: Giesla Weibel

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