Joël Jent

Born in 1983, grew up in Toggenburg (Switzerland). From 2004 to 2010 Joël Jent pursued a program of study in film, political science, philosophy and social/economic history at University of Zurich, which he completed in 2010 with a Master of Arts degree. He then worked briefly as a journalist. Since 2003, Joël Jent has written (THE BLIND FERRYMAN, EATING THE SILENCE, WINDOWLESS) and produced several Award winning short- and feature films (THE SAINT OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, BAGHDAD IN MY SHADOW, FACING MECCA, BON VOYAGE, IRAQI ODYSSEY), including films under his own direction. Joël Jent lectures at Zurich Art University and is a member of the European- and the Swiss Film Academy. He works as an independent filmmaker and screenwriter and is father to one son.