Adelina Borets

Adelina Borets is a dancer, director and producer born in Mariupol, in eastern Ukraine. Her documentary debut, THE WORMWOOD STAR (2018), won First Prize and the Audience Award at the 15th EKOFILM International Environmental Film Festival (Poland) and First Prize at the Golden Frames – International Short Film Festival (Ukraine). It has also screened at film festivals including the Warsaw Film Festival’s “Best Polish Films of 2018”, the “Youth and Film” Koszalin Festival of Film Debuts, and the New Orleans Film Festival. Borets is the founder and director of STROOM, an organization producing films, music videos, exhibitions, as well as live performances—on topics spanning from the environment to violence and corruption. She is a 2020 graduate in Directing at the Warsaw Film School, a 2021 graduate in Scriptwriting at the Wajda School, actually studies at Kieślowski Film School.


Project: Flowers of Ukraine