Giulia Faccin

In 2016 I graduated from Design&Art department (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano) with a web-documentary about a social-economical issue regarding Generation Y; in Italy.
In the same year I attended a master program in Social Design (Design Academy Eindhoven) for one year.
I always worked as a freelance videomaker and motion-graphic designer for companies, studios and organisations, both alone and in collaboration with other professionals.
I am currently collaborating with Matteo Moretti in a series of projects about visual journalism and communication, covering topics such as racism, immigration and mobbing. I occasionally participate in short movie competitions.
Since I graduated, I tried to realise some short documentaries that aim to give voice to everyday-people, bringing their battles to a broader audience.
Recently I became a video trainer at One Minute Junior., an Amsterdam based organization which collaborates with UNICEF.

Partricipating without project