Marie de Barthès

The two professional domains I've explored so far are social work and filmmaking. After sociology studies in Canada, I co-create a program for students from modest backgrounds, to turn student halls into learning communities for two years. The program is now running since 2014, in 3 residences for 115 students today.  I then decide to develop my passion for filmmaking and follow a one-year training at the European Film College in 2016-2017. I become aware of my great interest in documentary directing and editing when making my graduation documentary "Little Treasures" which got into several film festivals. I now want to combine my experience in social research and social work with documentary. Today, while making short videos for non-profits, I am taking classes to expand my audio-visual skills: photography, after effects and info graphics. The main issues I want to make films about are: education, equality of chances and gender equality, both in the developed and developing world.

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