Lucio Basadonne

I started to work with video when I was 19. I studied graphics design therefore my first works were CGI and commercials. I worked for two years for Comedy Central editing promo and ADV. My life as documetarist filmmaker starts with Unlearning (2014) that after more the 15 festivals around the world I distributed using the Theatre on demand website Movieday. We invented together a new way to share documentaries and we made more then 100 theatrical screenings of unlearning with a Box Office of 70k euros.
How it works
Results and strategies (Italian)
After that, I made a second movie “I Figli della libertà” that i distribuited in the same way Now i'm focusing with alternative way of distribution and i'm working for two social documetaries: Food Coop (FRA) and Transumanza Tour (ITA)

Partricipating without project