Zivile Gallego

FRALITA FILMS is young, but ambitious film production company actively involved in different projects, and works with established directors and new talents. Lately it has been more and more involved in European co-productions and seeks for the strong author driven film projects. The company has been established by producer Zivile Gallego in 2009, who gain first experience in film production at Lithuanian Film Studios. In 2015 Fralita Films celebrated Alante Kavaité's „The Summer of Sangaile“ winning the Best Director award at Sundance Festival. Currently in the Festival circuit anima-doc „The Man Who Knew 75 Languages“ by Anne Magnussen and Pawel Debski, and Donatas Ulvydas' drama „Emilia.Breaking Free“. 

Graduate of EAVE 2011 Zivile Gallego was selected among  the 20 promissing European producers and has participated in the initiative Producer on The Move  2015 organised by European Film Promotion Agency.

Project brought to ESoDoc: A VITAL SELECTION