Elin Festøy

I am currently working as a transmedia and film producer, trying to utilize my background in digital media. I started my career as a web journalist writing about IT and the digital change, and spent 11 years as an editor and technology journalist, writing about digital technology and changes to digital media and our habits as technology users. I have also worked app. 5 years as a PR- and communications consultant before starting as a film and transmedia producer. I am currently co-producer for a feature documentary about the children in Norway with fathers who were German soldiers in WW2 and the abuse they have faced and I am producing a transmedia platform for this project. I have gotten funding for a mobile game, and I am learning what I can about VR and storytelling because I wish to also create a digital museum. Lastly, I am to produce a campaign towards the UN for the rights of todays War Children (children of the enemy). I am also producing my second crowdfunding campaign.

Project: Wars Don't End
A transmedia project with these goals: to create visibility for the Norwegian Lebensborn children and their fates, create change for today's War Children (children of the enemy) and create awareness of how extremism and hatred can lead to violence towards children - seeing them as the enemy.