Laura Sipán Bravo

Graduated with a degree in Audiovisual Communications from the Universidad Autónoma in Barcelona, and in DOP from the School of Cinematography of Madrid (ECAM), I deepened my studies in Screenplay and Documentary with Patricio Guzman, Octavio Cortázar, Miguel Machalski and Julio Rojas at the International School of Film and TV of Cuba (EICTV).

After working as second assistant for several films now I work as a camera-freelance. However, my real aim is directing my own projects.

In 2007 I wrote and directed my first shortfilm, The Talent of Flies (16’). Then, I went to Bangladesh to film a documentary (28’) about craftswomen and fair trade. In 2010 I filmed in Colombia On the same land (76’), a documentary about displaced and human rights. Later on, I filmed the documentary A man and his music (52’), which has been broadcasted on national tv. With these films I’ve won 34 Awards and more than 100 international selections.