Sebastien Rabas
United Kingdom

I studied anthropology at Bristol University with a special focus on using visual research methods. In 2009 I made a participatory film with homeless men and women in Bristol and Bath, UK, which formed the basis of my final dissertation and went on to be screened in local film festivals. Whilst studying I also worked at Touch Productions producing taster tapes for MIPDoc 2009 in Cannes.

I then went on to work in the Production Team at Amnesty International for 5 years, helping to produce numerous documentaries that support the organisations research and campaigning goals. Outside of Amnesty I work as a freelance assistant producer and freelance camera operator. I have recently started my own small production company, Matter Out of Place, to produce films that I believe are important and have the power to achieve positive social change. The first production is 'The President and the Bone Hunter' (working title) which I am currently self-shooting, producing and directing in Guatemala.