Jan-Dirk Bouw

Jan-Dirk (Amsterdam, Netherlands) studied Art & Graphic Design at the HKU (Utrecht, Netherlands) and Communication & Design at the School of Communication and Arts, London. In 2005 he studied scenario writing for documentaries at the Dutch Media Academy -Santberg Institute. In 2010 he was selected for the Binger Filmlab Docucoach program led by Heddy Honigmann. Jan-Dirk directed various short films (independent and commercials) in the UK and the Netherlands. He wrote several articles on social engaged topics for current affair magazines, like Newsweek, Vrij Nederland and AD Magazine. In 2001 he wrote his first documentary scenario which got produced. From 2007 he focuses mainly on scenario writing, directing and producing documentaries. In 2013 Jan-Dirk debuted as director with his film I LOVE HOOLIGANS. Currently his writing and developing various new film and documentary projects.