Alexis Bouvy

Alexis works as anthropologist, consultant, photographer and film-maker. He is the co-founder of Local Voices, a belgian organisation aiming at sharing the testimonies of local communities experiencing harsh and complex realities such as armed conflict, forced displacement, injustice, etc., with a special focus on the african Great Lakes region. Graduated in Anthropology, Alexis has worked for the past ten years in eastern DR Congo in the field of peacebuilding for a wide range of NGO's (Oxfam, Danish Refugee Council, UNDP...). With Local Voices Alexis directed a web project on the 2011 elections in Congo ; a series of photo stories on the local realities of armed conflict in North Kivu, and short documentaries on international justice in DRC and Burundi. Alexis is currently in North Kivu for the first searchings for his next project "Surviving The FDLR", a webdocumentary exploring the daily realities of a Rwandese militia involved in large scale violence in the last 20 years.