Osama Qashoo
Independent Filmmaker (UK)

"I grew up in Palestine, within a story which is close, fierce and painful… I first took up a camera in reaction to the unbelievable scenes around me. I found a broken camera and discovered that when I pretended to film - at the check points, in demonstrations or during the many curfews - soldiers acted differently. My camera became like a physical reaction to what was happening around me. Gradually, I came to learn how to make short reports and documentary films whilst working within various media organizations, and so began my career as a filmmaker.From 1998 to 2003 I worked full-time as a programme-maker and presenter for the Palestinian radio and television companies Q TV, Peace TV and Nablus TV. During 2001 I worked as a photographer for Reuters and as a translator for European journalists in Palestine.I came to the UK in 2003. Throughout my time in the UK I have been commissioned to film various conferences, events, theatre productions and functions. I have worked as script advisor and assistant for the BBC and Channel 4. I have also provided advice in both script-writing and direction for fiction and non-fiction films, both feature-length and shorts."