Amy Barbor
Living Lens, London (UK)

"After getting a Masters in Islamic Studies, in the middle of which I had my son (nearly 12 years ago, now!!), I then worked for some years at Actionaid. It was here that I learned about the people-centered-rights-based work that ActionAid were doing all around the world. Put more simply, this means work that empowers people to mobilise and make the changes they want to happen, happen and not just a service provided for people. What I love about participatory video is; it is not only rights based and all about the people who take part, but it is also creative, exciting and fun.
I came across the School of Social Entrepreneurs in 2004, whilst working freelance doing participatory video projects around the UK. The school, the staff and the vast network of brilliant people who came to talk and coach us gave me the confidence and inspiration to think bigger. It was following this course that Rose and I decided to constitute Living Lens."