Searching For Space

holmes searching for space

Logline: A dynamic and intimate portrayal of a community of activists who set up ‘Lesbian Lines’, a network of underground telephone helplines. SEARCHING FOR SPACE features blistering honest accounts from an army of volunteers as they recall and revisit over forty years of Irish queer history.


Synopsis: This is the story of an Irish LGBT movement featuring bold and fearless queer women who fought against an unforgiving and repressed society. These women set up a network of underground telephone helplines called the Lesbian Lines. With zero visibility and fuelled by unshakable determination they installed the phones, found small offices and they reached out to women who were desperate to connect. For over 40 years, these helplines have saved thousands of women who were questioning their sexuality. As the network of helplines grew, a new community was born. Wider networks led to new discoveries; art, identity, activism, political change and personal freedoms. The volunteers revisit their histories but they also analyse their place in the world today as older queer women. There is an intergenerational aspect to this film as we bring in young queer performers to creatively respond to this story. This is a film about our connection with the past, present and each other. 


Participant: Cara Holmes