Valentina Monti

I was born in 1973 in Bologna. I graduated in Contemporary Art at the University of Bologna, and my thesis was on British artists who use film and video - “Thinking through images: Art and Video in Britain, 1980-2000”(partly published in Last generation of artist and new media in Europe in the xx century, Clueb Edition, 2002). In 1995 I studied at the University of Amsterdam, and in1999 at the Goldsmith College in London. In 2000 I participated in a program on directing, film and editing funded by the European Community Then I worked as a director assistant for Studio Azzurro, a production company based in Milan.
At this time I work free-lance as a director and camera operator for various production companies in Bologna and Milan as well as shoot promotional video and reportage. Since last January I’ve been working at the University of Reggio Emilia (Italy) at the Department of Communication, as a researcher studying new forms of audiovisual communication and formats for web and digital television. I also teach practical seminars with students on how to use a camera, film language, etc. I’ve been working for the last few years on a project concerning Media and Human Rights. The first part is Radio la Colifata which has been screened at various festival and won first price for best film at “Un Altro Sguardo e’ possible” festival in Nocera Inferiore (Italy). The second part, I believe in miracles, which I’m presenting here at ESODOC deals with radio and women in Afghanistan.